Literary Criticism

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Toward Defining the Prairies
Region, Culture, and History
Travelling Knowledges
Positioning the Im/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada
The True Bones of My Life
Essays on the Fiction of Jim Harrison
Vengeance in Reverse
The Tangled Loops of Violence, Myth, and Madness
We Share Our Matters
Two Centuries of Writing and Resistance at Six Nations of the Grand River
When the Other is Me
Native Resistance Discourse, 1850-1990
Who is Buried in Chaucer
Studies in the Reception of Chaucer's Book
William Faulkner
Six Decades of Criticism
The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was
Women, Revolution, and the Novels of the 1790s
Writing Grief
Margaret Laurence and the Work of Mourning
Writing Home
Indigenous Narratives of Resistence