Acquisitions Editors and Areas

Michigan State University Press publishes scholarly books in African history and culture, animal studies, anthropology, architectural history, criminal justice, critical contemporary issues, cultural history and humanities, environmental and natural resources studies, European history from the nineteenth century to the present, higher education, Latinx history and contemporary issues, Michigan and Great Lakes history and politics, mimetic studies, Native American history and culture, public utility regulation, rhetoric, urban studies, and U.S. history.

For some of these areas, authors will need to contact acquisitions editors. For others, the first contact will be the series editor. Please contact the following acquisitions editors directly if you are interested in publishing in their areas.

Editor-in-chief Catherine Cocks acquires projects in:

  • African history and culture
  • Anthropology
  • Criminal justice
  • Critical contemporary issues
  • U.S. history

She also works with the series editors for African Humanities and the Arts; African History and Culture; Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Diversifying Pathways in P–20 Education; Rhetoric and Public Affairs; Ruth Simms Hamilton African Diaspora; Transformations in Higher Education; and US‒China Relations in the Age of Globalization.

Senior acquisitions editor Julie L. Loehr acquires projects in:

  • Environmental and natural resources studies
  • Michigan and Great Lakes history and politics
  • Native American history and culture

She also works with the series editors for American Indian Studies; Breakthroughs in Mimetic Theory; Discovering the Peoples of Michigan; Papers of the Algonquian Conference; Public Utility Regulation; Studies in Violence, Mimesis, and Culture; and the Makwa Enewed and Wheelbarrow Books imprints.

Director Gabriel Dotto acquires projects in

  • Architectural history
  • Cultural history and humanities
  • European history from the nineteenth century to the present
  • Urban studies

He also works with the series editors for Latinos in the United States and The Animal Turn.

If you have projects in the following areas, please contact the series editors directly:

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