Desk and Exam Copies


Complimentary desk copies are issued to faculty members when a title has been adopted for classroom use. In order to receive your desk copy, your written request must be submitted on school letterhead. In addition, please provide course I.D., projected enrollment (at least 10 students required), and the name of the bookstore to which you placed your textbook order. Once this information is received your desk copy request will be processed.


Examination copies are issued to faculty members wanting to review a title for possible course adoption. Exam copies are invoiced at a discounted rate of 20%, with 90 days to review the title. The invoice will be cancelled if you adopt the title for your class, inform our distribution center about the bookstore with which you placed your textbook order, and the number of copies ordered. If you decide not to adopt the text, it must be returned in saleable condition or you may keep the book and pay the invoice in full.