Political Science

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Transforming Citizenship
Democracy, Membership, and Belonging in Latino Communities
Dangerous Friendship
Stanley Levison, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Kennedy Brothers
Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter
The Good Neighbor
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of American Power
The Dialectics of Citizenship
Exploring Privilege, Exclusion, and Racialization
Great Lakes Fisheries Policy and Management
A Binational Perspective
Making the Case
Advocacy and Judgment in Public Argument
An Insider's Take on Political Rhetoric
The Northwest Ordinance
Essays on its Formulation, Provisions, and Legacy
In the Shadow of Russia
Reform in Kazakahstan and Uzbekistan
Race and Human Rights
Democracy and Autocracy in Eurasia
Georgia in Transition
American Rhetoric in the New Deal Era, 1932-1945
A Rhetorical History of the United States, Volume 7
The Political Economy of Transition in Eurasia
Democratization and Economic Liberalization in a Global Eonomy
The Character of Justice
Rhetoric, Law, and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process
Evolution of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
The Political Style of Conspiracy
Chase, Sumner, and Lincoln
Racial Liberalism and the Politics of Urban America
An Institutionalist Approach to Public Utility Regulation
Race in 21st Century America