Literary Criticism

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The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was
Alien Heart
The Life & Work of Margaret Laurence
New Essays by Arthur Murphy
Women, Revolution, and the Novels of the 1790s
Poema de Fernan Gonzalez
A Concordance to the French Poetry and Prose of John Gower
Studies in Troilus
Chaucer's Text, Meter, and Diction
Who is Buried in Chaucer
Studies in the Reception of Chaucer's Book
Suche Werkis to Werche
Essays on Piers Plowman in Honor of David C. Fowler
The Legend of Good Women
Jack London
A Study of His Short Stories
Seven Decades of Criticism
The Sacrifice of Socrates
Athens, Plato, Girard
Ink Trails
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors
Resurrection from the Underground
Feodor Dostoevsky
René Girard
A Refuge of Lies
Reflections on Faith and Fiction
A God Torn to Pieces
The Nietzsche Case
A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature
Ogimawkwe Mitigwaki (Queen of the Woods)