Literary Criticism

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New Essays by Arthur Murphy
The Oedipus Casebook
Reading Sophocles' Oedipus the King
Ogimawkwe Mitigwaki (Queen of the Woods)
The Phantom of the Ego
Modernism and the Mimetic Unconscious
Picturing Worlds
Visuality and Visual Sovereignty in Contemporary Anishinaabe Literature
Poema de Fernan Gonzalez
R. K. Narayan
Contemporary Critical Essays
A Refuge of Lies
Reflections on Faith and Fiction
René Girard
Reflections on Mimetic Desire and Society
Resurrection from the Underground
Feodor Dostoevsky
The Sacrifice of Socrates
Athens, Plato, Girard
The Seduction Novel of the Early Nation
A Call for Socio-Political Reform
Self-Determined Stories
The Indigenous Reinvention of Young Adult Literature
Shakespearean Cultures
Latin America and the Challenges of Mimesis in Non-Hegemonic Circumstances
Small Planets
Saul Bellow as Short Fiction Writer
Stories Through Theories/ Theories Through Stories
North American Indian Writing, Storytelling, and Critique
Studies in Troilus
Chaucer's Text, Meter, and Diction
Subversive Traditions
Reinventing the West African Epic
Suche Werkis to Werche
Essays on Piers Plowman in Honor of David C. Fowler