Social Science

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Finding a Way to the Heart
Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada
Forest Prairie Edge
Place History in Saskatchewan
Increasing the Odds for High-Performance Teams
Lessons Learned
Indigenous Homelessness Perspectives from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
Kings of Disaster
Dualism, Centralism and the Scapegoat King in Southeastern Sudan
Latinos and the 2012 Election
The New Face of the American Voter
Life Stages and Native Women
Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine
Like the Sound of a Drum
Aboriginal Cultural Politics in Denendeh and Nunavut
Mennonite Women in Canada
A History
Mimesis and Science
Empirical Research on Imitation and the Mimetic Theory of Culture and Religion
Muskekowuck Athinuwick
Original People of the Great Swampy Land
My Eyes Feel They Need to Cry
Stories from the Formerly Homeless
The Myth of Human Races
A Study of Everyday Meanings in Hispano New Mexico
Papers of the Forty-Seventh Algonquian Conference
Planning for Rural Resilience
Coping with Climate Change and Energy Futures
Profiles in Diversity
Women in the New South Africa
The Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Equality in American Public Schools
Mendez, Brown, and Beyond