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Can We Survive Our Origins?
Readings in René Girard's Theory of Violence and the Sacred
Catastrophe, Mimesis, Theory
Contagion 22
Contagion 23
Contagion 24
Contagion 25
Contagion 26
Contract Theory
The Evolution of Contractual Intent
Crisis and Repetition
Essays on Art and Culture
Dionysus, Christ, and the Death of God
Christianity and Modernity
Dionysus, Christ, and the Death of God
The Great Mediations of the Classical World
Economy and the Future
A Crisis of Faith
Enigmas of Sacrifice
A Critique of Joseph M. Plunkett and the Dublin Insurrection of 1916
Evolution of Desire
A Life of René Girard
Flesh Becomes Word
A Lexicography of the Scapegoat or, the History of an Idea
For René Girard
Essays in Friendship and in Truth
The Genesis of Desire
Giving Life, Giving Death
Psychoanalysis, Anthropology, Philosophy
A God Torn to Pieces
The Nietzsche Case
The Head Beneath the Altar
Hindu Mythology and the Critique of Sacrifice