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Transatlantic Rebels
Agrarian Radicalism in Comparative Context
To Swim with Crocodiles
Land, Violence, and Belonging in South Africa, 1800-1996
To Become an American
Immigrants and Americanization Campaigns of the Early Twentieth Century
To Be the Main Leaders of Our People
A History of Minnesota Ojibwe Politics, 1825-1898
Thus Ruled Emir Abbas
Selected Casese from the Records of the Emir of Kano's Judicial Council
Those Who Belong
Identity, Family, Blood, and Citizenship among the White Earth Anishinaabeg
The Thirty-Year War
A History of Detroit's Streetcars, 1892-1922
The Test
The Territory of Michigan (1805-1837)
Tahquamenon Country
A Look at Its Past
Swedes in Michigan
Strains of Dissent
Popular Music and Everyday Resistance in WWII France, 1940 - 1945
Stop the Presses! I Want to Get Off!
A Brief History of the Prisoners’ Digest International
Spirits of the Cold War
Contesting Worldviews in the Classical Age of American Security Strategy
The Spirit of Hidalgo
The Mexican Revolution in Coahuila
Speaking of History
Conversations with Historians
Spanish Thinking about Animals
South Slavs in Michigan
The Soldiers of Fort Mackinac
An Illustrated History
Social Controversy and Public Address in the 1960s and Early 1970s
A Rhetorical History of the United States, Vol. IX