Women's Studies

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Debating Women
Gender, Education, and Spaces for Argument, 1835-1945
Imperial Plots
Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies
From Curlers to Chainsaws
Women and Their Machines
Female SS Guards and Workaday Violence
The Majdanek Concentration Camp, 1942-1944
Short Leash
A Memoir of Dog Walking and Deliverance
African American Females
Addressing Challenges and Nurturing the Future
Let Burn
Indigenous Women, Work, and History
Life Stages and Native Women
Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine
Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
Why I Left the Amish
A Memoir
Woman in the Wilderness
Letters of Harriet Wood Wheeler, Missonary Wife, 1832-1892
Mennonite Women in Canada
A History
A Great Restlessness
The Life and Times of Dorise Nielsen
Fresh Water
Women Writing on the Great Lakes
The Force of Vocation
The Literary Career of Adele Wiseman
The Collected Short Stories of Harriette Simpson Arnow
Ordinary Women
An Arctic Adventure
Daily, Before Your Eyes
A Novel
Remember the Distance that Divides Us
The Family Letters of Philadelphia Quaker Abolitionist and Michigan Pioneer Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, 1830-1842