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Mimetic Theory and World Religions
The Forge and the Funeral
The Smith in Kapsiki/Higi Culture
A Motorcycle on Hell Run
Tanzania, Black Power, and the Uncertain Future of Pan-Africanism, 1964–1974
Malcolm X
An Exemplar for Contemporary Black Studies
The Landscape of Rural Service Learning, and What It Teaches Us All
Necessarily Black
Cape Verdean Youth, Hip-Hop Culture, and a Critique of Identity
Whose Dog Are You?
The Technology of Dog Breeds and The Aesthetics of Modern Human-Canine Relations
Vengeance in Reverse
The Tangled Loops of Violence, Myth, and Madness
Giving Life, Giving Death
Psychoanalysis, Anthropology, Philosophy
Regional Perspectives on Learning by Doing
Stories from Engaged Universities around the World
Liberation and Development
Black Consciousness Community Programs in South Africa
At the Core and in the Margins
Incorporation of Mexican Immigrants in Two Rural Midwestern Communities
From Curlers to Chainsaws
Women and Their Machines
Memory, Community, and Activism
Mexican Migration and Labor in the Pacific Northwest
Detroit Resurgent
Decolonizing the Republic
African and Caribbean Migrants in Postwar Paris, 1946–1974
Chippewa Lake
A Community in Search of an Identity
Media, Police, and the Invisibility of Black Women as Victims of Homicide
A Refuge of Lies
Reflections on Faith and Fiction
Bridging Scholarship and Activism
Reflections from the Frontlines of Collaborative Research