Social Science

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The Dialectics of Citizenship
Exploring Privilege, Exclusion, and Racialization
Chippewa Lake
A Community in Search of an Identity
William James and the Art of Popular Statement
The Constructed Mennonite
History, Memory, and the Second World War
My Eyes Feel They Need to Cry
Stories from the Formerly Homeless
Executing Democracy
Volume Two: Capital Punishment and the Making of America, 1835-1843
Finding a Way to the Heart
Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada
Like the Sound of a Drum
Aboriginal Cultural Politics in Denendeh and Nunavut
Life Stages and Native Women
Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine
Taking Back Our Spirits
Indigenous Literature, Public Policy, and Healing
Winnipeg Beach
Leisure and Courtship in a Resort Town, 1900-1967
Settlement, Subsistence and Change Among the Labrador Inuit
The Nunatsiavummiut Experience
Forest Prairie Edge
Place History in Saskatchewan
The Ambivalence of Scarcity and Other Essays
Catastrophe, Mimesis, Theory
Reflections on Mimetic Desire and Society
Conversations in Food Studies
Fault Lines
Life and Landscape in Saskatchewan’s Oil Economy
Indigenous Homelessness Perspectives from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
The Barren Sacrifice
An Essay on Political Violence