Social Science

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Spanish Thinking about Animals
Innovations in Collaborative Modeling
Latinos and the 2016 Election
Latino Resistance and the Election of Donald Trump
Picturing Worlds
Visuality and Visual Sovereignty in Contemporary Anishinaabe Literature
Papers of the Forty-Ninth Algonquian Conference
The Medicine Wheel
Environmental Decision-making Process of Indigenous Peoples
Anthropology and Radical Humanism
Native and African American Narratives and the Myth of Race
A Very UNnatural History
Incarceration and Race in Michigan
Grounding the National Debate in State Practice
After the Bloodbath
Is Healing Possible in the Wake of Rampage Shootings?
Tracking King Tiger
Reies López Tijerina and the FBI
Settler City Limits
Indigenous Resurgence and Colonial Violence in the Urban Prairie West
National Rhetorics in the Syrian Immigration Crisis
Victims, Frauds, and Floods
Romanies in Michigan
Blackhood Against the Police Power
Punishment and Disavowal in the "Post-Racial" Era
Armenian Proverbs and Expressions
A Collection from the Early Detroit Armenian Community in Delray and Elsewhere
Papers of the Forty-Eighth Algonquian Conference
The Eagle Has Eyes
The FBI Surveillance of César Estrada Chávez of the United Farm Workers Union of America, 1965–1975
The Handbook of Research on Black Males
Quantitative, Qualitative, and Multidisciplinary
CR: The New Centennial Review 16, no. 1