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With Faith in the Works of Words
The Beginnings of Reconciliation in South Africa, 1985-1995
Metaphorical World Politics
Spirits of the Cold War
Contesting Worldviews in the Classical Age of American Security Strategy
An Insider's Take on Political Rhetoric
Remembering the AIDS Quilt
The Reconstruction Desegregation Debate
The Policies of Equality and the Rhetoric of Place, 1870-1875
Religious Expression and the American Constitution
What Roosevelt Thought
The Social and Political Ideas of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Democracy and Counter-Revolution in the Early Republic
Executing Democracy
Volume One: Capital Punishment & the Making of America, 1683-1807
Cold War Rhetoric
Strategy, Metaphor, and Ideology
The Rhetorical Turn in International Relations
Frederick Douglass
Freedom's Voice, 1818-1845
Ethnographic Chiasmus
Essays on Culture, Conflict and Rhetoric
Executing Democracy
Volume Two: Capital Punishment and the Making of America, 1835-1843
The Rhetoric and Politics of American Fundamentalism
Intertextuality and the 24-Hour News Cycle
A Day in the Rhetorical Life of Colin Powell's U.N. Address
Rethinking Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy
The Living Art of Michael C. Leff
Social Controversy and Public Address in the 1960s and Early 1970s
A Rhetorical History of the United States, Vol. IX
To Become an American
Immigrants and Americanization Campaigns of the Early Twentieth Century