Political Science

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Great Lakes Fisheries Policy and Management
A Binational Perspective
An Insider's Take on Political Rhetoric
Planning for Rural Resilience
Coping with Climate Change and Energy Futures
Blackhood Against the Police Power
Punishment and Disavowal in the "Post-Racial" Era
The Character of Justice
Rhetoric, Law, and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process
Transnational Radicals
Italian Anarchists in Canada and the U.S., 1915–1940
Deliberative Pedagogy
Teaching and Learning for Democratic Engagement
American Rhetoric in the New Deal Era, 1932-1945
A Rhetorical History of the United States, Volume 7
Imagining China
Rhetorics of Nationalism in an Age of Globalization
Transboundary Environmental Governance across the World
Kings of Disaster
Dualism, Centralism and the Scapegoat King in Southeastern Sudan
Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice
Mimetic Politics
Dyadic Patterns in Global Politics
The African Union
New Pan-African Initiatives in Global Governance
New Frontiers in the Study of the Global African Diaspora
Between Uncharted Themes and Alternative Representations
Transforming Citizenship
Democracy, Membership, and Belonging in Latino Communities
Taking African Cartoons Seriously
Politics, Satire, and Culture
Like the Sound of a Drum
Aboriginal Cultural Politics in Denendeh and Nunavut
Manitoba Politics and Government
Issues, Institutions, Traditions
The Ambivalence of Scarcity and Other Essays