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Alexis Rockman
The Great Lakes Cycle
History and Development in North America
Cold, Clear, and Deadly
Unraveling a Toxic Legacy
A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan
French Thinking about Animals
Fresh Water
Women Writing on the Great Lakes
The Heart of the Lakes
Freshwater in the Past, Present and Future of Southeast Michigan
The Holy Earth
Indigenizing Philosophy through the Land
A Trickster Methodology for Decolonizing Environmental Ethics and Indigenous Futures
Lakeshore Living
Designing Lake Places and Communities in the Footprints of Environmental Writers
The Story of Wild Rice in Michigan
Native Species
Natural Museums
U.S. National Parks, 1872-1916
A North Country Almanac
Reflections of an Old-School Conservationist in a Modern World
Prairies and Savannas in Michigan
Rediscovering Our Natural Heritage
Restoration of the Great Lakes
Promises, Practices, and Performances
A Memoir
Transboundary Environmental Governance across the World
Waterfront Porch
Reclaiming Detroit's Industrial Waterfront as a Gathering Place for All