Native American Studies

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Sacred Wilderness
Sage Dreams, Eagle Visions
An Inuit Novel
Life on the Lake Superior Frontier
Seeing Red
A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers
Seeing Red—Hollywood
American Indians and Film
Self-Determined Stories
The Indigenous Reinvention of Young Adult Literature
Severing the Ties that Bind
Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies
Short History of the North American Indians
Smoke Dancing
A Novel
Sounding Thunder
The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow
Sovereign Traces Volume 1
Not (Just) (An)Other
Sovereign Traces, Volume 2
Relational Constellation
Stories Through Theories/ Theories Through Stories
North American Indian Writing, Storytelling, and Critique
Stories for a Lost Child
Stories in a New Skin
Approaches to Inuit Literature
Stories of Oka
Land, Film, and Literature
Structures of Indifference
An Indigenous Life and Death in a Canadian City