Native American Studies

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Absentee Indians and Other Poems
After Wounded Knee
Correspondence of Major and Surgeon John Vance Lauderdale while Serving with the Army Occupying the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, 1890-1891
Ambiguous Justice
Native Americans and the Law in Southern California, 1848-1890
Anishinaubae Thesaurus
Apostate Englishman
Grey Owl the Writer and the Myths
The Art of Tradition
Sacred Music, Dance & Myth of Michigan's Anishinaabe, 1946-1955
A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature
Beyond Pontiac
Michilimackinac and the Anglo-Indian War of 1763
Andrew J. Blackbird and the Odawa People
Centering Anishinaabeg Studies
Understanding the World through Stories
The Clay We are Made of
Haudenosaunee Land Tenure on the Grand River
Combing the Snakes from His Hair
Contemporary Great Lakes Pow Wow Regalia
Nda Maamawigaami (Together We Dance)
The Counselling Speeches of Jim Ka-Nipitehtew
Creating Space
My Life and Work in Indigenous Education
Cree Legends and Narratives from the West Coast of James Bay
A Culture’s Catalyst
Historical Encounters with Peyote and the Native American Church in Canada
Curator of Ephemera at the New Museum  for Archaic Media
The Dance Partner
The Daring Trader
Jacob Smith in the Michigan Territory, 1802-1825