Native American Studies

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The Militarization of Indian Country
This is the World
Indian Country
Telling a Story in a Digital Age
Ambiguous Justice
Native Americans and the Law in Southern California, 1848-1890
The Good Place Ojibwe and Isle Royale
Andrew J. Blackbird and the Odawa People
Sacred Wilderness
Ogimawkwe Mitigwaki (Queen of the Woods)
Cree Legends and Narratives from the West Coast of James Bay
Conversations about Indigenous Manhood
The Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade
The Three Thought Worlds of the Iroquois and the Huron, 1609-1650
Laughing Whitefish
French and Indians in the Heart of North America, 1630-1815
To Be the Main Leaders of Our People
A History of Minnesota Ojibwe Politics, 1825-1898
The Indian Who Bombed Berlin
and Other Stories
Life on the Lake Superior Frontier
Notes on the Iroquois
Rethinking Michigan Indian History
Woman in the Wilderness
Letters of Harriet Wood Wheeler, Missonary Wife, 1832-1892