Literary Criticism

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The Sacrifice of Socrates
Athens, Plato, Girard
Stories in a New Skin
Approaches to Inuit Literature
René Girard
A Refuge of Lies
Reflections on Faith and Fiction
A God Torn to Pieces
The Nietzsche Case
A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature
Ink Trails
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors
Taking Back Our Spirits
Indigenous Literature, Public Policy, and Healing
Travelling Knowledges
Positioning the Im/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada
Writing Grief
Margaret Laurence and the Work of Mourning
History,  Literature,  and the Writing of the Canadian Prairies
The Force of Vocation
The Literary Career of Adele Wiseman
When the Other is Me
Native Resistance Discourse, 1850-1990
The Phantom of the Ego
Modernism and the Mimetic Unconscious
Rewriting the Break Event
Mennonites and Migration in Canadian Literature
Apostate Englishman
Grey Owl the Writer and the Myths
Enigmas of Sacrifice
A Critique of Joseph M. Plunkett and the Dublin Insurrection of 1916
Ink Trails II
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors
Catastrophe, Mimesis, Theory
Kept Secret
The Half-Truth in Nonfiction