Literary Criticism

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New Essays by Arthur Murphy
Emigration, Nation, Vocation
The Literature of English Emigration to Canada, 1825-1900
Mediating Indianness
A Refuge of Lies
Reflections on Faith and Fiction
James Baldwin and the Heavenly City
Prophecy, Apocalypse, and Doubt
Ink Trails
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors
Ink Trails II
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors
The Seduction Novel of the Early Nation
A Call for Socio-Political Reform
The English Lyric From Wyatt to Donne
Up in Michigan Perspectives
R. K. Narayan
Contemporary Critical Essays
A God Torn to Pieces
The Nietzsche Case
Small Planets
Saul Bellow as Short Fiction Writer
Stories Through Theories/ Theories Through Stories
North American Indian Writing, Storytelling, and Critique
Harriette Simpson Arnow
Critical Essays on Her Work
Albert Camus, Jean Sénac, or The Rebel Son
Jack London
A Study of His Short Stories
The Legend of Good Women
Kept Secret
The Half-Truth in Nonfiction
Subversive Traditions
Reinventing the West African Epic