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Albert A. Peña Jr.
Dean of Chicano Politics
Ambiguous Justice
Native Americans and the Law in Southern California, 1848-1890
Blackhood Against the Police Power
Punishment and Disavowal in the "Post-Racial" Era
The Character of Justice
Rhetoric, Law, and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process
Containment and Condemnation
Law and the Oppression of the Urban Poor
Contours of Change
Muslim Courts, Women, and Islamic Society in Colonial Bathurst, the Gambia, 1905-1965
The Eagle Has Eyes
The FBI Surveillance of César Estrada Chávez of the United Farm Workers Union of America, 1965–1975
Facing the Future
The Indian Child Welfare Act at 30
Fighting the Death Penalty
A Fifty-Year Journey of Argument and Persuasion
The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and the City of Chicago
Michigan Supreme Court Historical Reference Guide, 2nd Edition
Pathways to Indigenous Nation Sovereignty
A Chronicle of Federal Policy Developments
Payoffs in the Cloakroom
The Greening of the Michigan Legislature, 1938-1946
The Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Equality in American Public Schools
Mendez, Brown, and Beyond
Religious Expression and the American Constitution
The Rhetorical Invention of Diversity
Supreme Court Opinions, Public Arguments, and Affirmative Action
Those Who Belong
Identity, Family, Blood, and Citizenship among the White Earth Anishinaabeg
U.S. Latinos and Criminal Injustice
Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice