Immigration/ethnic Studies

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Danes and Icelanders in Michigan
Diverse Pathways
Race and the Incorporation of Black, White, and Arab-Origin Africans in the United States
Finns in the United States
A History of Settlement, Dissent, and Integration
French in Michigan
Hidden in the Heartland
The New Wave of Immigrants and the Challenge to America
Hmong Americans in Michigan
Ideas of Home
The Literature of Asian Migration
Loyal but French
The Negotiation of Identity by French-Canadian Descendants in the United States
Necessarily Black
Cape Verdean Youth, Hip-Hop Culture, and a Critique of Identity
Remarkable Rebirth
The Early History of the Armenians in Detroit
The Search for a Socialist El Dorado
Finnish Immigration to Soviet Karelia from the United States and Canada in the 1930s
Serbians in Michigan
Slovenes in Michigan
The Sweetness of Freedom
Stories of Immigrants
To Become an American
Immigrants and Americanization Campaigns of the Early Twentieth Century
“Obeah” and Other Martinican Stories