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The War of 1812 in the Old Northwest
Watergate Prosecutor
We Called it MAG-nificent
Dow Chemical and Magnesium, 1916-1998
We are not Savages
Native Americans in Southern California and the Pala Reservation, 1840-1920
Weavings of War
Fabrics of Memory
What Roosevelt Thought
The Social and Political Ideas of Franklin D. Roosevelt
White Face, Black Mask
Africaneity and the Early Social History of Popular Music in Brazil
Perspectives on Birthing
Winnipeg 1912
Winnipeg Beach
Leisure and Courtship in a Resort Town, 1900-1967
A City Comes of Age
World War II and the Cold War
The Rhetoric of Hearts and Minds (RHUS Vol. 8)
The Wounded River
The Civil War Letters of John Vance Lauderdale, M.D.