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Sailing into History
Great Lakes Bulk Carriers of the Twentieth Century and the Crews Who Sailed Them
Scandinavians in Michigan
Life on the Lake Superior Frontier
Scots in Michigan
The Search for a Socialist El Dorado
Finnish Immigration to Soviet Karelia from the United States and Canada in the 1930s
Settlement, Subsistence and Change Among the Labrador Inuit
The Nunatsiavummiut Experience
Short History of the North American Indians
The Showman and the Ukrainian Cause
Folk Dance, Film, and the Life of Vasile Avramenko
Sisters in Spirit
Christianity, Affect, and Community Building in East Africa, 1860–1970
Sixties Sandstorm
The Fight over Establishment of a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, 1961-1970
Sixty Years
Slovenes in Michigan
A Canadian Food History
Social Controversy and Public Address in the 1960s and Early 1970s
A Rhetorical History of the United States, Vol. IX
The Soldiers of Fort Mackinac
An Illustrated History
Sounds of Ethnicity
Listening to German North America, 1850-1914
South Slavs in Michigan
Speaking of History
Conversations with Historians