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Manliness, Identity, and Survival of the Mexican American Vietnam Prisoners of War
"Write Nothing about Politics"
A Portrait of Hans Bernd von Haeften
The 16th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War, Revised and Updated
29 Missing
The True and Tragic Story of the Disappearance of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald
The 4th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War
Adeline & Julia
Growing Up in Michigan and on the Kansas Frontier: Diaries from 19th-Century America
African American Quiltmaking in Michigan
African Americans in Michigan
The African Union
New Pan-African Initiatives in Global Governance
After Tippecanoe
Some Aspects of the War of 1812
After Wounded Knee
Correspondence of Major and Surgeon John Vance Lauderdale while Serving with the Army Occupying the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, 1890-1891
Agricultural Fairs in America
Tradition, Education, Celebration
The Albanians in Michigan
Ambiguous Justice
Native Americans and the Law in Southern California, 1848-1890
American Artifacts
Essays in Material Culture
American Citizens, British Slaves
Yankee Political Prisoners in an Australian Penal Colony 1839-1850
The American Response to Canada Since 1776
American Rhetoric in the New Deal Era, 1932-1945
A Rhetorical History of the United States, Volume 7
Amish in Michigan
Angelina Grimke
Rhetoric, Identity, and the Radical Imagination