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Formidable Heritage
Manitoba's North and the Cost of Development, 1870 to 1930
Providence Watching
Journeys from Wartorn Poland to the Canadian Prairies
Toward Defining the Prairies
Region, Culture, and History
Rural Life
Portraits of the Prairie Town, 1946
Winnipeg 1912
Politics in Manitoba
Parties, Leaders, and Voters
St. John
Faith and Education in Western Canada
Mennonites, Politics, and Peoplehood
Europe - Russia - Canada, 1525 to 1980
Making Ends Meet
Farm Women's Work in Manitoba
A Thousand Miles of Prairie
The Manitoba Historical Society and the History of Western Canada
Restoring the Balance
First Nations Women, Community, and Culture
For All We Have and Are
Regina and the Experience of the Great War
Perspectives of Saskatchewan
Thomas Scott
and Other Essays on Early Manitoba History
River Road
Essays on Manitoba and Prairie History
Hidden Worlds
Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of the 1870s
Icelanders In North America
The First Settlers
Prairie Metropolis
New Essays on Winnipeg Social History
Winnipeg Beach
Leisure and Courtship in a Resort Town, 1900-1967
French and Indians in the Heart of North America, 1630-1815