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Wounded Warrior
The Rise and Fall of Michigan Governor John Swainson
What One Man Said to Another
Talks with Richard Selzer
An Insider's Take on Political Rhetoric
Something Spectacular
My Great Lakes Salmon Story
Silent Heroes
Privilege and Prejudice
The Life of a Black Pioneer
Pauline Boutal
An Artist's Destiny, 1894–1992
Pathways to Indigenous Nation Sovereignty
A Chronicle of Federal Policy Developments
One Man
A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Film Board
Old Hopes for a New Place
The Legacy of Arend D. Lubbers at Grand Valley State University
No Man’s Land
The Life and Art of Mary Riter Hamilton
The Merchant John Askin
Furs and Empire at British Michilimackinac
Lord Selkirk
A Life
Life of Lidian Jackson Emerson
Life Among the Qallunaat
Justin Smith Morrill
Father of the Land-Grant Colleges
Just One Vote
From Jim Walding's Nomination to Constitutional Defeat
John H. Burdakin and the Grand Trunk Western Railroad
John H. Burdakin
John F. Kennedy and the Liberal Persuasion