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Taking African Cartoons Seriously
Politics, Satire, and Culture
The History and Politics of Film in the Horn of Africa
Michigan Quilts
150 Years of a Textile Tradition
Stories in Thread
Hmong Pictorial Embroideries
African American Quiltmaking in Michigan
Michigan Stories
Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw
The Transported Man
Marlinespikes and Monkey
Traditional Arts and Knot-Tying Skills of Maritime Workers
Crisis and Repetition
Essays on Art and Culture
American Artifacts
Essays in Material Culture
Global Focus
Images of a Land-Grant Tradition
Detroit Resurgent
Mary Schafer and Her Quilts
Apollo and Vulcan
The Art Markets in Italy, 1400-1700
Visualities 2
More Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art
Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art
The Waters of Michigan
A Wandering Showman, I
Alexis Rockman
The Great Lakes Cycle
When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance
Gule Wamkulu: the Great Dance of the Chewa People of Malawi