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African American Quiltmaking in Michigan
Alexis Rockman
The Great Lakes Cycle
American Artifacts
Essays in Material Culture
Apollo and Vulcan
The Art Markets in Italy, 1400-1700
The History and Politics of Film in the Horn of Africa
Crisis and Repetition
Essays on Art and Culture
David Lamelas
Fiction of a Production
Detroit Resurgent
Emotional Impact
American Figurative Expressionism
Global Focus
Images of a Land-Grant Tradition
Imagining Winnipeg
History through the Photographs of L.B. Foote
Marlinespikes and Monkey
Traditional Arts and Knot-Tying Skills of Maritime Workers
Mary Schafer and Her Quilts
Michigan Quilts
150 Years of a Textile Tradition
Michigan Stories
Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw
Mythologizing Norval Morrisseau
Art and the Colonial Narrative in the Canadian Media
No Man’s Land
The Life and Art of Mary Riter Hamilton
Pauline Boutal
An Artist's Destiny, 1894–1992
Stories in Thread
Hmong Pictorial Embroideries
Taking African Cartoons Seriously
Politics, Satire, and Culture