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Animals as Food
(Re)connecting Production, Processing, Consumption, and Impacts
The Forge and the Funeral
The Smith in Kapsiki/Higi Culture
Cree Legends and Narratives from the West Coast of James Bay
The Mimetic Brain
Whose Dog Are You?
The Technology of Dog Breeds and The Aesthetics of Modern Human-Canine Relations
Mourning Animals
Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death
French Thinking about Animals
Bridging Scholarship and Activism
Reflections from the Frontlines of Collaborative Research
Making Animal Meaning
Tsodilo Hills
Copper Bracelet of the Kalahari
Ethnographic Chiasmus
Essays on Culture, Conflict and Rhetoric
From Black to Schwarz
Cultural Crossovers Between African America and Germany
Chippewa Lake
A Community in Search of an Identity
Short History of the North American Indians