African American Studies

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Closing the Education Achievement Gaps for African American Males
Privilege and Prejudice
The Life of a Black Pioneer
Necessarily Black
Cape Verdean Youth, Hip-Hop Culture, and a Critique of Identity
Malcolm X
An Exemplar for Contemporary Black Studies
African American Females
Addressing Challenges and Nurturing the Future
Western Fictions, Black Realities
Meanings of Blackness and Modernities
Room 306
The National Story of the Lorraine Motel
From Black to Schwarz
Cultural Crossovers Between African America and Germany
Unknown Tongues
Black Women's Political Activism in the Antebellum Era, 1830-1860
James Baldwin
Witness to the Journey
Black Eden
The Idlewild Community
African American Quiltmaking in Michigan
Platform for Change
The Foundations of the Northern Free Black Community, 1775-1865