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Africa and its Diasporas

MSU Press is pleased to offer this curated list of new and backlist books in African, African American, and Diaspora studies.

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New Releases

Decolonizing Independence Lynn Schler $39.95 $31.96

Kenya’s Running Women Vlad Dima $19.95

Kenya’s Engagement with China Anita  Plummer $49.95 $39.96

Kenya’s Running Women Vlad Dima $19.95

Making New People James Genova $34.95 $27.96

Meaninglessness Vlad Dima $49.95 $39.96

Migrant World Making Edited by Sergio F Juárez, Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager, Michael Lechuga and Arthur Soto-Vásquez $44.95 $32.00 
We Are Not Starving Joeva Sean Rock $49.95 $39.96

Favorites from past conferences

A Black Corps d’Elite Richard Hill and Peter Hogg $44.95 $35.96

Africa & Africans in Antiquity Edited by Edwin M. Yamauchi $28.95 $23.16

African Diasporic Cinema Daniela Ricci $54.95 $43.96

African Filmmaking Edited by Kenneth W. Harrow $19.95 $15.96

The African Presence in Santo Domingo By Carlos Andujar $19.95 $15.96

The African Union’s Africa Rita Kiki Edozie and Keith Gottschalk $42.00 $33.60

Afro-Descendants, Identity, and the Struggle for Development in the Americas Edited by Bernd Reiter and Kimberly Eison Simmons $45.60 $36.48

Albert Camus, Jean Sénac, or The Rebel Son Hamid Nacer-Khodja, trans. By Kai Krienke $29.95 $23.96

As She Was Discovering Tigony Olympe Bhêly-Quenum $29.95 $23.96

The Beautiful Skin Vlad Dima  $29.95 $23.96

Blackhood Against the Police Power Tyron P. Woods $39.95 $31.96

Blackness and Disability Edited by Christopher M. Bell $29.95 $23.96

Black Eden Lewis Walker and Benjamin C. Wilson $19.95 $15.96

Black/Gay Simon Dickel $19.95 $15.96

Brazilian-African Diaspora in Ghana Kwame Essien $49.95 $39.96

The Cassava Transformation Felix I. Nweke, Dunstan S. C. Spencer and John K. Lynam $29.95 $23.96

Cine-Ethiopia Michael W. Thomas, Alessandro Jedlowski and Aboneh Ashagrie $39.95 $31.96

Citizens of Beauty By Jean Sénac Translated by Jack Hirschman $26.95 $21.56

City of Broken Dreams Leslie J. Bank $29.95 $23.96

Collected Works of Nana Asma’u Edited by Jean Boyd and Beverly Mack $54.95 $43.96

Contemporary African Cinema $39.95 $31.96

Contours of Change Bala Saho $29.95 $23.96

Decolonizing the Republic Félix F. Germain $39.95 $31.96

Diverse Pathways $29.95 $23.96

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Divided Loyalties Joseph Weber $29.95 $23.96

Doomi Golo—The Hidden Notebooks $24.95 $19.96

Double V: The Civil Rights Struggle of the Tuskegee Airmen Lawrence P. Scott and William M. Womack $24.95 $19.96

Edward W. Blyden’s Intellectual Transformations Harry N.K. Odamtten $49.95 $39.96

Ethiopia $37.95 $30.36

From Black to Schwarz Edited by Maria I. Diedrich and Jürgen Heinrichs $49.95 $39.96

The Forge and the Funeral $39.95 $31.96

Incarceration and Race in Michigan Edited by Lynn O. Scott and Curtis Stokes $9.99 $7.99

James Baldwin and the Heavenly City  Christopher Z. Hobson $39.95 $31.96

Joining Africa Charles Cantalupo $27.95 $22.36

Kings of Disaster $24.95 $19.96

Liberation and Development Leslie Ann Hadfield $39.95 $31.96

The Lieutenant of Kouta $20.00 $16.00

Malcolm X: Inventing Radical Judgment Robert E. Terrill $19.95

Malcolm X’s Michigan Worldview Edited by Rita Kiki Edozie and Curtis Stokes $54.00 $43.20

The Making of Brazil’s Black Mecca Edited by Scott Ickes and Bernd Reiter $49.95 $39.96

Medicine and Health in Africa Edited by Paula Viterbo and Kalala Ngalamulume $34.95

A Motorcycle on Hell Run Seth M. Markle $39.95 $31.96

Murder at Small Koppie $24.95 $19.96

Necessarily Black P. Khalil Saucier $24.95 $19.96

New Frontiers in the Study of the Global African Diaspora Edited by Rita Kiki Edozie, Glenn A. Chambers and Tama Hamilton-Wray $49.95 $39.96

The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports $49.95 $39.96

Photography and American Coloniality $34.95 $27.96

Projecting Nation $54.95 $43.96

Re-Membering and Surviving Shirley A. James Hanshaw $39.95 $31.96

Sisters in Spirit Andreana C. Prichard $39.95 $32.96

The State of Black Michigan, 1967-2007 Edited by Joe T. Darden, Curtis Stokes and Richard W. Thomas $39.95 $31.96

Subversive Traditions Jonathon Repinecz $54.95 $43.96

Taking African Cartoons Seriously Peter Limb and Tejumola Olaniyan (eds.) $49.95 $39.96

To Swim with Crocodiles Jill E. Kelly $49.95 $39.96

Unknown Tongues Gayle T. Tate $28.95 $23.16

Violence in the Model City Sidney Fine $34.80 $27.84

Western Fictions, Black Realities Edited by Isabel Soto and Violet Showers Johnson $39.95 $32.96

West African Screen Media Boukary Sawadogo $49.95 $39.96

Who Owns the Problem? Pius Adesanmi $29.95 $23.96

White Face, Black Mask Darien J. Davis $29.95 $23.96

Writing That Breaks Stones Joya Uraizee $22.95 $18.36

White Face, Black Mask Darien J. Davis $29.95 $23.96

You’re Dead—So What? Cheryl L. Neely $22.95 $18.36