Discovering the Peoples of Michigan
Discovering the Peoples of Michigan
Discovering the Peoples of Michigan examines the rich multicultural heritage of the Great Lakes State. This is an informative, affordable, and flexible collection of books that explores Michigan's ethnic dynamics. Michigan's rapidly changing historical and social structures have far- reaching implications in such areas as public policy, education, management, and private enterprise. Discovering the Peoples of Michigan reveals the unique contributions that different and often unrecognized communities have made to Michigan's historical and social identity.

Series Editor: Russell M. Magnaghi

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African Americans in Michigan
The Albanians in Michigan
Amish in Michigan
Arab Americans in Michigan
Asian Indians in Michigan
Belgians in Michigan
Chaldeans in Michigan
Copts in Michigan
Cornish in Michigan
Danes and Icelanders in Michigan
Discovering the Peoples of Michigan Reader
Dutch in Michigan
Ethnicity in Michigan
Issues and People
Finland-Swedes in Michigan
Finns in Michigan
French Canadians in Michigan
French in Michigan
Germans in Michigan
Greeks in Michigan
Haitians in Michigan