American Indian Studies
American Indian Studies
American Indian Studies series at MSU Press seeks to form an understanding of American Indian cultures and identities, the place of American Indian/Indigenous people in today's world, and the changing demands of American Indian/Indigenous peoples in the pursuit of cross-cultural diversity.   Series Editor: Gordon Henry

Book submissions for the American Indian Studies series
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Absentee Indians and Other Poems
Ambiguous Justice
Native Americans and the Law in Southern California, 1848-1890
A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature
Centering Anishinaabeg Studies
Understanding the World through Stories
Combing the Snakes from His Hair
Curator of Ephemera at the New Museum  for Archaic Media
Document of Expectations
Dragonfly Dance
Empty Beds
Indian Student Health at Sherman Institute, 1902-1922
Facing the Future
The Indian Child Welfare Act at 30
The Feathered Heart
Follow the Blackbirds
Gambling on Authenticity
Gaming, the Noble Savage, and the Not-So-New Indian
Indian Country
Telling a Story in a Digital Age
Indian Summers
The Indian Who Bombed Berlin
and Other Stories
Indigenizing Philosophy through the Land
A Trickster Methodology for Decolonizing Environmental Ethics and Indigenous Futures
Living in the Land of Death
The Choctaw Nation, 1830-1860
Conversations about Indigenous Manhood
Mediating Indianness