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New Titles 20% Off

9781611864823Cormac McCarthy An American Apocalypse65.95$52.76
9781611864366How to Think About Catastrophe34.95$27.96
9781611864649Mimetic Theory and Its Shadow44.95$35.96
9780870139925The Time Has Grown Short19.95$15.96
9781611864304Toward an Islamic Theology of Nonviolence34.95$27.96
9781611864489Violence and the Oedipal Unconscious, Volume 122.95$18.36
9781611864656Violence and the Mimetic Unconscious, Volume 224.95$17.46
9781611864861The World of René Girard34.95$27.96

Coming in 2024 (pre-order eligible for discount)

Breakthroughs in Mimetic Theory 30% Off

9781611862829Reflection in the Waves19.95$13.96

Studies in Violence, Mimesis & Culture 30% Off

9781611861327The Ambivalence of Scarcity and Other Essays40.80$28.56
9781611861839The Barren Sacrifice24.95$17.46
9780870138775Battling to the End24.95$17.46
9781611860764Beneath the Veil of the Strange Verses19.95$13.96
9781611861495Can We Survive Our Origins?24.95$17.46
9781611861464Economy and the Future19.95$13.96
9781611862836Evolution of Desire29.95$23.96
9781611861013A God Torn to Pieces24.95$17.46
9781611861167The Head Beneath the Altar24.95$17.46
9781611861730How We Became Human29.95$23.96
9781611862737Intellectual Sacrifice and Other Mimetic Paradoxes24.95$17.46
9781611861280Intimate Domain29.95$20.96
9781611861815Machado de Assis24.95$17.46
9781611861488Mimetic Politics19.95$13.96
9781611860887A Refuge of Lies19.95$13.96
9781611860542The Sacrifice of Socrates29.95$20.96
9781611863130Shakespearean Cultures29.95$20.96
9781611861853A Short Treatise on the Metaphysics of Tsunamis19.95$13.96
9781611862386Vengeance in Reverse24.95$17.46