MSU Press Holiday Guide 2022

Award-Winning Poetry

Wheelbarrow Books, established in 2016, is an imprint of the RCAH Center for Poetry at Michigan State University, published and distributed by MSU Press. All Wheelbarrow Books are affordably priced at $15.95. You can learn more about Spit, Swan Hammer or Late Self-Portraits by visiting Wheelbarrow Winners

Popular Michigan Coffee Table Books

Pewabic Pottery: The American Arts & Crafts Movement Expressed in Clay

“Thomas W. Brunk has written the definitive history of Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery. A meticulous researcher, he carefully reconstructs the chronological narrative by mining previously unavailable documents, including glaze notebooks, daybooks, and letters.”

—SUSAN J. BANDES, professor of art history and museum studies, Michigan State University, and author of Mid-Michigan Modern: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Googie

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Opera House Book Cover

Once Upon a Time at the Opera House: Drama at Three Historic Michigan Theaters, 1882–1928

“By vividly recounting the lives of three theatres, Harris creates a fascinating account of one of the most important eras of the American theatre. Written with wit and wonderful detail, this volume deserves to be in the library of every theatre lover.”

BRUCE R. HALVERSON, Theatre Historian and President Emeritus, South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities

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Mid-Michigan Modern: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Googie

“Bandes has compiled a richly illustrated compendium of modern architecture in the Lansing/East Lansing area—including designs never built, low-cost cooperatives, homes, a grocery store, and Lansing City Hall. By sharing the human stories behind the buildings, from architects and clients to church committees, she also provides a valuable illustration of the way modern design concepts and materials of the post–World War II era spread from national architects and early adopters to such mundane aspects of everyday life as Dawn Donuts.“
SANDRA SAGESER CLARK, director, Michigan Historical Center

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Michigan State University Collection

Read about the evolution of Michigan State University from Michigan Agricultural College, to Michigan State College to the major research institution it is known as today.

Michigan Agricultural College
The Evolution of a Land-Grant Philosophy 1855–1925

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Michigan State College
John Hannah and the Creation of a World University, 1926–1969

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Michigan State University
The Rise of a Research University and the New Millennium, 1970–005

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Michigan Books

Michigan stories have often been the focus of MSU Press, from books that brought long-forgotten stories into the present to modern explorations of the depths of the Great Lakes.

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