You as of Today My Homeland

You as of Today My Homeland

Stories of War, Self, and Love

Arabic Literature and Language

by Tayseer Al-Sboul

Translated by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari

Published by: Michigan State University Press

120 pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in

  • ISBN: 9781611862102
  • Published: July 2016



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This volume comprises a translation of the first post-modernist historical Arabic novella, You as of Today, by the renowned Jordanian writer Tayseer al-Sboul, and his two short stories “Red Indian” and “The Rooster’s Cry.” “Red Indian” and “The Rooster’s Cry” complement You as of Today by providing, with striking transparency and precision, narratives that examine man’s journey to self-discovery through events that are culturally unique, transparent, and at times shocking. This volume is rich with tales of war, love, politics, censorship, and the search for self in a complex and conflicting Arab world at a critical time in its history. In a captivating style consistent with the nature of events narrated in the text, al-Sboul unveils the inner nature of social, political, and religious patterns of life in Arab society with an honesty and skill that renders You as of Today My Homeland a testimony of human experiences that transcend the boundaries of time and place.