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Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture (RPC) embraces a pluralistic approach to rhetorical scholarship. The journal is open to a variety of methodological approaches, from close textual and/or historical analysis to critical/cultural, ethnographic, performative, artistic, and/or theoretical work. The journal invites scholarship on rhetorics of marginalization, structure, materiality, and power; politics, advocacy, and activism; and beyond. Foremost to its mission is featuring perspectives that question in/justice, in/equity, power, and democracy and that attend to interlocking structures of power within their geopolitical and historical contexts. This journal also invites rhetorical scholarship that archives, documents, theorizes, or participates in forms of individual and collective public interventions, advocacy, activism, and resistance to such structures.

Carmen Kynard is the Lillian Radford Chair in Rhetoric and Composition and professor of English at Texas Christian University. She traces her research and teaching at “Education, Liberation, and Black Radical Traditions” (

Bryan J. McCann is associate professor in the department of Communication Studies at Louisiana State University. His publications include The Mark of Criminality: Rhetoric, Race, and Gangsta Rap in the War-on-Crime Era (University of Alabama Press, 2017).


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RPC Sponsoring Members

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National Communication Association

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University of Washington

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Department of Communication Studies, Northwestern University

Department of Communication Studies, University of Kansas

Northeastern University

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Bryan Crable, Waterhouse Family Institute, Villanova University

Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, Penn State University

Department of Communication Studies, The University of Iowa

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the organizing and fundraising efforts of these individuals, without whom RPC would not be possible.

Karma R. Chávez

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Armond Towns

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