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Rhetoric & Public Affairs is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the history, theory, and criticism of public discourse. Arenas of rhetorical investigation might include but are by no means limited to campaigns for social, political, environmental, or economic justice; modes of resistance to those campaigns; situated instances of executive leadership; legislative and judicial deliberations; comparative rhetorics; transnational diplomacy; digital circulation and mediation of public discourse; and/or constitution of political and social identities. Critical, analytical, or interpretive essays examining symbolic influences in any historical period (including the contemporary) anywhere in the world are welcome. Of special interest are manuscripts that interrogate dynamics of power and privilege, voice and voicelessness, oppression and resistance as well as axes of identity such as race, gender, sexuality, ability, citizenship, and class, as these take form in concrete rhetorical situations. Moreover, we welcome essays that explore the nexus of rhetoric, politics, and ethics—the worlds of power, persuasion, and social values as they meet in the crucible of public deliberation, debate, and protest.

Editorial Board


Catherine L. Langford, Texas Tech University

Book Review Editor

Johanna Hartelius, University of Texas at Austin

Editorial Board

Angela J. Aguayo, Southern Illinois University
Godfried Asante, SDSU
Robert Asen, University of Wisconsin
Julia Azari, Marquette University
Joshua Trey Barnett, Penn State University
Timothy Barney, University of Richmond
Hamilton Bean, University of Colorado-Denver
Vanessa B. Beasley, Vanderbilt University
Jeffrey Bennett, Vanderbilt University
Thomas W. Benson, Penn State University
Jason Edward Black, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Denise Bostdorff, Wooster College
Maegan Parker Brooks, Willamette University
Stephen Howard Browne, Penn State University
Lane Bruner, UNLV
Leah Ceccarelli, Washington University
Catherine Chaput, University of Nevada, Reno
Karma R.Chávez, University of Texas-Austin
Jay P. Childers, University of Kansas
Josue David Cisneros, University of Illinois
Jasmine Nichole Cobb, Duke University
Lisa M. Corrigan, University of Arkansas
Antonio de Velasco, University of Memphis
Leroy G. Dorsey, Texas A&M University
Bonnie J. Dow, Vanderbilt University
Rosa A. Eberly, Penn State University
Amanda Nell Edgar, University of Memphis
Jason A. Edwards, Bridgewater State University
Danielle Endres, University of Utah
Jeremy David Engels, Penn State University
Jessica Enoch, University of Maryland
Cara A. Finnegan, University of Illinois
Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz, University of Iowa
Lisa A. Flores, University of Colorado-Boulder
David A. Frank, University of Oregon
Kathleen M. German, Miami University Ohio
Steven R. Goldzwig, Marquette University
Leslie A. Hahner, Baylor University
Ashley R. Hall, Illinois State University
Atilla Hallsby, University of Minnesota
Kelly E. Happe, University of Georgia
Robert Hariman, Northwestern University
Leslie J. Harris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Johanna Hartelius, University of Texas-Austin
Stephen J. Hartnett, University of Colorado-Denver
Stephen J. Heidt, California State University-Northridge
Annie Hill, University of Texas-Austin
Mark Hlavacik, North Texas University
J. Michael Hogan, Penn State University
Davis W. Houck, Florida State University
Karen Hult, Virginia Tech University
Robert L. Ivie, Indiana University
Andre E. Johnson, University of Memphis
Cheryl L. Jorgensen-Earp, Lynchburg University
Jiyeon Kang, Universty of Iowa
Zornitsa D. Keremidchieva, University of Minnesota
Abraham I. Khan, Penn State University
Michael J. Lee, College of Charleston
John A. Lynch, University of Cincinnati
Ashley Noel Mack, Louisiana State University
Kristy Maddux, University of Maryland
José Ángel Maldonado, Pugit Sound University
Raymie E. McKerrow, Ohio University
Sara L. McKinnon, University of Wisconsin
Jennifer Mercieca, Texas A&M University
Charles E. Morris III, Syracuse University
John M. Murphy, University of Illinois
Thomas K. Nakayama, Northeastern University
Ryan Neville-Shepard, University of Arkansas
Christa J. Olson, University of Wisconsin
Lester C. Olson, University of Pittsburgh
Ersula J. Ore, Arizona State University
Shawn Parry-Giles, University of Maryland
Trevor Parry-Giles, University of Maryland
Lisa M. Gring-Pemble, George Mason University
Phaedra C. Pezzullo, University of Colorado
Damien Smith Pfister, University of Maryland
Vincent N. Pham, Willamette University
Kendall R.Phillips, Syracuse University
Kristan Poirot, Texas A&M University
Allison M. Prasch, University of Wisconsin
Andrew Preston, Cambridge University
Angela G. Ray, Northwestern University
Cindy Koenig Richards, Willamette University
Clarke Rountree, University of Alabama-Hunsville
Allison L. Rowland, St. Lawrence University
Robert C. Rowland, University of Kansas
Raka Shome, Villanova University
John M. Sloop, Vanderbilt University
Craig Smith, North Carolina State University
Leland G. Spencer, Miami University Ohio
Roger Stahl, University of Georgia
Belinda A. Stillion Southard, University of Georgia
Bjørn F Stillion Southard, University of Georgia
Paul Stob, Vanderbilt University
Dave Tell, University of Kansas
Robert E. Terrill, Indiana University
Mary Anne Trasciatti, Hofstra University
Sara C. VanderHaagen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Anjali Vats, Boston College
Darrel Wanzer-Serrano, Texas A&M University
Isaac West, Vanderbilt University
Kirt H. Wilson, Penn State University
Emily Winderman, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Carly S. Woods, University of Maryland
Anna M. Young, Pacific Lutheran University
Kenneth Zagacki, North Carolina State University
David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

Submission Information

All manuscripts submitted for publication consideration must be original work that has not been published previously and is not currently under review by any other publication outlet.

Manuscript submissions are accepted through MSU Press's online portal. Click here for further guidelines and submission instructions.

To prepare your article for submission and publication, please refer to the MSU Press style guide. Manuscripts prepared according to any standard style sheet will be reviewed. However, all manuscripts accepted for publication must be brought into conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style and follow Chicago's endnote-style citations. The entire manuscript should be double-spaced, using standard margins on all sides and numbering pages consecutively. A character and space count should be listed near the top of the page.

Author Publishing Agreement

Authors accepted for publication must agree to the terms of the Author Publishing Agreement before the piece can be published.

Book Reviews

See a list of books available for review here.

The newly published works on the list represent the exemplary and groundbreaking research being done in rhetoric and public address. Authoring a book review essay is a significant service to the discipline. If you are interested in reviewing a book (the titles listed or others), email R&PA book review editor Dr. E. Johanna Hartelius at jhartelius@gmail.com to request a review copy.

Images & Derivative Materials

It is the author/researcher's obligation and responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright and/or other use restrictions prior to submitting materials to MSU Press for publication. Citations, permissions, and captions are required upon submission for all images. Use the R&PA Permission Request Letter to obtain permission from the rightsholder—we cannot publish such materials until written clearance is obtained.  Electronic files are accepted; all images must be minimum 300 dpi at planned publication size.

Citation Examples


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