Book Launch with Laura Apol

The Erickson Hall 620 Farm Lane (Dean’s Patio / Kiva) Covid protocol—masks and social distancing ample parking available Outdoor reception to follow at the home of Beth Herbel-Eisenmann 1540 Ridgewood Dr. East Lansing

Meet author Laura Apol to launch A Fine Yellow Dust

Description of A Fine Yellow Dust:

This collection is the result of writing that followed the death of Apol’s daughter, Hanna.  It gives voice to grief as it is lived, moment by moment, memory by memory, event by event.… allowing readers to experience alongside the poet the moments, the questions, and the deep longings that shape the first grief-year.


Praise for the book:

Anyone who loves poetry will love this book.

—Lorna Crozier, poet


This is a poet whose craft is subtle, who writes poems of exceptional gravity and beauty. This is a courageous book… [and] to write this book took a kind of bravery, a kind of nerve, few could imagine.

—Todd Davis, poet


These poems are both urgent and necessary, speaking to all of us, not just to mourners. They are hard poems, without easy consolation, urging us to love the world in spite of its unspeakable sorrow.

—Barbara Crooker, poet


A Fine Yellow Dust bears witness to what it means to survive the unbearable. This book is for us all.

—Dr. Katrina Jaworski, scholar of critical suicidology

Dr. Laura Apol is the author of a number of award-winning collections of poetry. She is an associate professor at Michigan State University and the most recent Lansing-area poet laureate.