The Armenian Massacres, 1894–1896

The Armenian Massacres, 1894–1896

British Media Testimony

Edited by Arman J. Kirakossian

Published by: Armenian Research Center

Imprint: Armenian Research Center

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  • ISBN: 9781934548011
  • Published: November 2020



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Britain’s pro-active policy on the Armenian Question and the standpoints of the British public, and political and civic organizations on the massacres of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire in 1894–1896 were widely reflected in the contemporary British press and other media accounts. This volume, which contains more than fifty articles published in major British periodicals in the 1890s, including Contemporary Review, Nineteenth Century, Fortnightly Review, Blackwood’s Magazine, and Spectator, presents a snapshot of British public opinion during the height of the Armenian Crisis of the 1890s, as well as rather detailed, and therefore extremely important, factual evidence of anti-Armenian policies carried out by the Sultan’s government in the Ottoman Empire, and the response of the Great Powers— including Britain—to the massacres.