CR: The New Centennial Review 19, no. 1

CR: The New Centennial Review 19, no. 1

CR: The New Centennial Review (Journal)

Edited by Scott Michaelsen and David E. Johnson

Published by: Michigan State University Press

Imprint: MSU Press Journals

310 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.00 in

  • ISBN: 9781684300891
  • Published: March 2019



Editors’ Note

Special Issue: Speculative Finance/Speculative Fiction
David M. Higgins and Hugh C. O’Connell, "Introduction: Speculative Finance/Speculative Fiction"

Sherryl Vint, "Promissory Futures: Reality and Imagination in Finance and Fiction"

Mathias Nilges, "The Realism of Speculation: Contemporary Speculative Fiction as Immanent Critique of Finance Capitalism"

David M. Higgins, "A Glorious Mythology of Loss: Speculative Finance in Alan Moore’s Jerusalem"

Joel E. Mason, with Michael Hornblow and anique yael vered, "The Great Dividuation"

Mark Soderstrom, "Future Fluctuations: Economy, Exchange, and Subjectivity in Recent English-Language Speculative Fiction"

Hugh C. O’Connell, "The Novums of Fiscalmancy: Speculative Finance and Speculative Fiction in Ian McDonald’s The Dervish House"

Joshua Pearson, "Frank Herbert’s Dune and the Financialization of Heroic Masculinity"

Steve Asselin, "Apocalypse, Inc.: Incorporating the Environment into the Boom/Bust Cycle in Fin-de-Siècle Science Fiction"

Meghanne Flynn and Sarah Hardstaff, "'Trust Me': Volatile Markets in Twilight and The Hunger Games"

Joe Conway, Currencies of Control: Black Mirror, In Time, and the Monetary Policies of Dystopia

David P. Pierson, "Speculative Finance and Network Temporality in Duncan Jones’s Moon and Source Code"

Marcia Klotz, "Of Time Loops and Derivatives: Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and the Logic of the Futures Market"