Fourth Genre 17, no. 2

Fourth Genre 17, no. 2

Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction (Journal)

Edited by Laura Julier

Published by: Michigan State University Press

Imprint: MSU Press Journals

6.00 x 9.00 x 0.00 in

  • ISBN: 9781684300129
  • Published: April 2018



Editor's Note

Honoring Judith Kitchen
Kate Carroll de Gutes, “Learning To Be on the Page: The Generosity and Insight of Judith Kitchen”
Sonja Livingston, “Hypotenuse Blue”
Lia Purpura, “No Distance, All Directions: On ‘Displacement,’ from Distance and Direction”
Brenda Miller, “Considering Judith Kitchen”
Fleda Brown, “Judith Kitchen’s Uncertainty Principle”
Dinah Lenney, “Like One of Those Songs that You Can’t Get Out of Your Head”
Joe Mackall, “The Breathing Green of Judith Kitchen”
Stan Sanvel Rubin, “End with a Question: Reflections on Judith Kitchen’s Aesthetic and Achievement”

Cate Hennessey, “Beets”
Jericho Parms, “Origins”
Stephen D. Gutierrez, “Hopper at the Train Yard”
Jad Adkins, “Airborne”
Brandel France de Bravo, “Transutopia”
Kelley Shinn, “Airy Nothings”
Diane Glancy, “Selections from An Act of Disobedience”
Nona Kennedy Carlson, “Behind the Wheel”
Laurel DiGangi, “The Club”
Mary Kudenov, “Threadbare”
Lauren Crux, “Good Enough. For Now.”
Fabienne Sylvia Josaphat, “Bitter in the Mouth”
Hayley Katzen, “Bachelor Brothers”
Lynna Williams, “Where We Are”

Essay with Commentary
Dawn S. Davies, “Pie”
Dawn S. Davies, “Commentary on ‘Pie’: Secrecy, Honesty, and Creative Nonfiction”

Writer as Reader
Doug Hesse, “Teaching a Stone to Read”

Review Essays
Anne Panning, “A Remembrance of Things Present: The Circus Train by Judith Kitchen”
Joyce Meier, “On Love, Language, and Loss”
Susan F. O’Neill, “Transformations”
Clinton Crockett Peters, “Plumbing the Tide”
“Inter-Review: Sarah Gorham and Ladette Randolph Talk with Each Other About Their New Books”