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From the Editor

“As incoming editor of Northeast African Studies, I am delighted to announce that the journal resumed publication in 2010. This distinguished journal was founded and edited for more than 20 years by the late Harold Marcus, whose energy and dedication to the scholarly study of Ethiopia and its neighbors in the Horn of Africa inspired several generations of students and scholars throughout the world.

While Northeast African Studies will bring some changes in focus and format, the editors remain committed to the high standards of research, writing, and production that the original journal championed. I welcome this opportunity to serve for the next several years as General Editor and invite all those interested in advancing knowledge of the region to join me and the editorial board as we build upon the tradition that Harold began.”

—Lee V. Cassanelli, University of Pennsylvania

Current Issue

150x225_50-214-7-76-NEAS 121 coverVolume 17, Issue 1

Special Issue: Red Sea Connectivities
in the Shadow of Imperialism


Upcoming Issue Themes

  • “Muslims and Christians in Northeast Africa: Juxtaposed Stories, Intertwined Destinies”—Against simplified notions of Muslim-Christian competition, recent works have explored the question of inter-religious encounter, differentiating among various levels of compromise while acknowledging that misunderstandings can foster dissention and arouse conflict. But situations of coexistance are marginal by nature, and interactions (through exchanges, dialogue or conflicts) occur at the limits of communities. These margins hold together the pages of a notebook in which different stories unfold. This issue presents case studies of the Christian and Muslim societies of Northeast Africa that consider how each group’s strategies of adaption reveal convergent trends, and how they evolved on parallel lines in the same regional context, with intertwined destinies.

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