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Rise Up!
Activism as Education
We live at a time when the need for resistance has come front and center to international consciousness. Rise Up! Activism as Education works to advance theory and practice-oriented understandings of multiple forms of and relationships between racial justice activism and diverse and transnational educational contexts. Here contributors provide detailed accounts and examinations—historical and contemporary, local and international—of active resistance efforts aimed at transforming individuals, institutions, and communities to dismantle systems of racial domination. They explore the ways in which racial justice activism serves as public education and consciousness-raising and a form of education and resistance from those engaged in the activism. The text makes a case for activism as an educational concept that enables organizers and observers to gain important learning outcomes from on-the-ground perspectives as it explores racial justice activism, specifically in the context of community and campus activism, intersectional activism, and Black diasporic liberation. This volume is an essential handbook for preparing both students and activists to effectively resist.
Amalia Dache is an Afro-Cuban American scholar who is an Assistant Professor at Penn Graduate School of Education at University of Pennsylvania.

Stephen John Quaye is an Associate Professor in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at Ohio State University and is the past president of ACPA: College Student Educators International. His research focuses on engaging in dialogues about difficult issues, student and scholar activism, and strategies for healing from racial battle fatigue.

Chris Linder is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy at the University of Utah, where she studies sexual violence and student activism through a power-conscious, historical lens.  

Keon M. McGuire is an Assistant Professor of Higher and Postsecondary Education at Arizona State University. Drawing from Africana frameworks, he examines how race, gender, and religion shape minoritized college students' identities and the ways they experience and resist racism, sexism, and heteronormativity.  

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