Armenian Proverbs and Expressions cover
Armenian Proverbs and Expressions
A Collection from the Early Detroit Armenian Community in Delray and Elsewhere
Author Susan Kadian Gopigian began collecting Armenian proverbs many decades ago when she lived in Delray, Michigan. She collected hundreds of proverbs in the Armenian language, then transliterated them using the English alphabet and also translated them into English to make them accessible to all readers, whether they know Armenian or not. The author selected certain proverbs for inclusion because she heard them frequently or because they reflect the former Armenian way of life. That she was able to meet the challenges involved in collecting and editing Armenian proverbs can only be described as a true labor of love.
Subjects: History | Social Science
Publication Date: May 1st, 2019
223 pages| 7.5 in x 9 in
Susan Kadian Gopigian was born in the southwest section of Detroit in the multiethnic community of Delray. She taught kindergarten in the Detroit public schools and has been collecting Armenian proverbs and folklore for the past sixty years.


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