Fourth Genre 21, no. 1 cover
Fourth Genre 21, no. 1
Edited by Laura Julier
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Editor's Note

Winner, 2018 Fourth Genre Steinberg Essay Prize
Erica Berry, "Like a Shipwreck"

Runner-Up, 2018 Fourth Genre Steinberg Essay Prize
Annie Sheppard, "We at Old Birds Welcome Messages from God, Even if Unverifiable

Willow Naomi Curry, "Starting Over"

Michele Morano, "Vocabulary for a Nervous Heart"

Sarah Capdeville, "How to Use a Crosscut Saw"

Gretchen Legler, "Hunters: A Meander"

Martha Lundin, "The Bound Body"

Emily W. Blacker, "My Wife’s Sandwich"

Sean Ironman, "Saluda"

E. A. Giorgi, "Intimacy"

Daniel Allen Cox, "Headstrong"

Arra Ross, "Fringed Gentian: Notes of a Flower Watcher"

Jessica McCaughey, "Not, of Course, Their Mothers"

Vince Granata, "The Devil’s Greatest Trick"

Sue Fagalde Lick, "Golden Fire"

Suzanne Fernandez Gray, "Wayne’s"

Essay on the Form
John T. Price, "Thoreau’s 'The Bean-Field'"

Review Essays
Sonya Huber and Mimi Schwartz, "Inter-Review"

Angela Morales and Sarah Virens, "Inter-Review"

Timothy Hillegonds, "Images, Landscapes, and the Restrained Alchemy of Short Prose"
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
242 pages| 6 in x 9 in
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ISBN: 9781684300822

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