Waterfront Porch cover
Waterfront Porch
Reclaiming Detroit's Industrial Waterfront as a Gathering Place for All
Detroit was the epicenter of the fur trade era, an unparalleled leader of shipbuilding for one hundred years, the Silicon Valley of the industrial age, and the unquestioned leader of the arsenal of democracy. This unique history depicts Detroit as a city of innovation, resilience, and leadership in responding to change, and examines the current sustainability paradigm shift to which Detroit is responding, pivoting as the city has done in the past to redefine itself and lead the nation and world down a more sustainable path. This book details the building of a new waterfront porch alongside the Detroit River called the Detroit RiverWalk to help revitalize the city and region and promote sustainability practices. It is a story of one of the largest, by scale, urban waterfront redevelopment projects in the United States, and gives hope and proves that Detroit and its metropolitan region have a bright future.
Subjects: Nature | History
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
208 pages| 6 in x 9 in
John H. Hartig is an award-wining Great Lakes scientist. He was a 2017–18 Fulbright Scholar at Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Ontario, and currently serves as a Visiting Scholar at University of Windsor's Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research and the Great Lakes Science-Policy Advisor of the International Association for Great Lakes Research. Hartig's book Bringing Conservation to Cities: Lessons from Building the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge won a gold medal from the Nonfiction Authors Association's Nonfiction Book Awards in the Sustainable Living category and a bronze medal from the Living Now Book Awards in the Green Living category.

Early Praise

“Hartig has long been a champion of the Detroit River as an American Heritage River and an International Wildlife Refuge, showing how people and nature can co-exist in this industrial heartland. In this book, he chronicles the story of the Detroit waterfront from its demise and abandonment to its current revitalization as a ‘front porch’ for the people of Detroit. It is an inspiring story of rejuvenating one of Detroit’s crown jewels—its setting on the Detroit River—with lessons for other urban cities.”
Robert E. Grese, Professor, School for Environment and Sustainability; Director, Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum; and Theodore Roosevelt Chair of Ecosystem Management, University of Michigan
“Hartig describes the cleanup and recovery of the Detroit River as one of the most remarkable ecological recovery stories in North America with an industrial legacy transformed to a place that celebrates the return of bald eagles, peregrine falcons, osprey, lake sturgeon, lake whitefish, and more. He deftly tells how strategic collaboration can change the perception of the region from that of a Rust Belt city to one of a leader of urban sustainability that reconnects people to nature, improves quality of life, promotes sustainable redevelopment, and enhances community pride.”
Gail Krantzberg, Professor Engineering and Public Policy Program, W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
“Hartig’s account of the transition of the Detroit River from the industrial to a stewardship era will replace the city’s black eye with an optimistic sparkle.”
Orin G. Gelderloos, Professor, Department of Natural Sciences, University of Michigan–Dearborn

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