Journal for the Study of Radicalism 12, no. 1 cover
Journal for the Study of Radicalism 12, no. 1
Edited by Arthur Versluis

Editor's Introduction

James Forbes, “'God Has Opened the Eyes of the People': Religious Rhetoric and the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837"
Brett Colasacco, "Before Trump: On Comparing Fascism and Trumpism"
Daniel H. Inouye, "A Transnational Embrace: Issei Radicalism in 1920s New York"
Victoria Carty, "Student Mobilizations in Canada and the United States: Resistance to the Neoliberalization of Higher Education"
Timo Schrader, "Education as a Human Right: The Real Great Society and a Pedagogy of Activism"

Radical Legacies: Twentieth-Century Public Intellectuals in the United States, by Arthur Redding, reviewed by Gordon Alley-Young
Beer and Revolution: The German Anarchist Movement in New York City, 1880–1914, by Tom Goyens, reviewed by Frank Jacob
Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Terrorists, by Colin J. Beck, reviewed by Nick J. Sciullo
Scripting Revolution: A Historical Approach to the Comparative Study of Revolutions, edited by Keith Michael Baker and Dan Edelstein, reviewed by Eric R. Smith
Gendering Radicalism: Women and Communism in Twentieth-Century California, by Beth Slutsky, reviewed by Lloyd Isaac Vayo
Publication Date: October 16th, 2018
184 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Arthur Versluis is Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at Michigan State University. He is author of numerous books, including Magic and Mysticism, The New Inquisitions, Restoring Paradise, The Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance, WisdomÆs Children, and American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions. He has published articles on topics ranging from comparative federalism to Christian esotericism. Editor of the journal Esoterica, he is also co-editor of JSR: Journal for the Study of Radicalism.